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May 2021

The best books on the Israel-Palestine Conflict - Five Books
The author and political blogger chooses five books on the Israel-Palestine conflict and compares the Palestinians to the Jews in diaspora: as the land disappears under their feet, their identity grows stronger.
My Mother’s Other World
As travel restrictions lift and we emerge from COVID-19, a daughter reflects on the world her mother inhabited before giving birth to triplets
Help! An Online Group Is Convincing My Wife She’s a Victim of My Candles.
I feel like I don’t know her anymore.

April 2021

Arundhati Roy on India’s Covid catastrophe: ‘We are witnessing a crime against humanity’
The long read: It’s hard to convey the full depth and range of the trauma, the chaos and the indignity that people are being subjected to. Meanwhile, Modi and his allies are telling us not to complain
Real Talk
Therapy is supposed to be a space for healing. And yet, years of seeing white therapists only brought Minelle Mahtani more pain.
The Broken Front Line
As the winter’s surge of coronavirus cases overwhelmed Los Angeles hospitals, EMTs like Michael Diaz were forced to take previously unthinkable measures. What lasting impact will the pandemic have on America’s first responders?

March 2021

Florida’s only lead smelter exposed hundreds of workers to high lead levels
Hundreds of workers at Gopher Resource have been exposed to dangerous levels of lead and other dangerous chemicals.
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